The Battle: The End of the Trenches for Today

Well, Reader, it seems like day 1 has passed in the trenches known as the  forums. And I must say, that it went realitaively well, considering I was anticipating an all out warfare filled with asinine claims, explertives, rantings and the like (of course, some of those did get in, but they were quickly refuted.)

I am therefore happy to report that the discussion, was well, a discssion. Four pages and 89 comments later, and my stomach is not churning in anticipation of the next reply.

There were even some comments that were very insightful and some that got right to the point. For example:

I’m Christian

I love God. And Jesus.

That is all.

Thank You


I love God, because I honestly believe everything I am, my faith, my strength, my knowledge, my experiences were a blessing from him. Guided by him. People who aren’t religious can never understand this, no matter how hard I try to explain it to them. No matter how hard anyone tries to explain it to them

While I can get into the finer points of religion versus relationship with Christ and the Bible as the inspired word of God this is not the time to do so. Instead, it is a time to relish that in whatever capacity Jesus Christ name was spoken (or in this case typed) even if by a few, and that they, we, stood by our convictions with dignity and grace.

And that is a victory in itself.

To the following:








I thank you, and special thanks to Kingdom, who stepped up to bat quite fearlessly.


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The Fear: Christ in Christianity, God Forbid He Be Real (continued, pt 2.)

This is what someone posted in realtion to the topic:

In all honesty this is what threads like this do.

1. Disgruntled athiest makes post.

2. People outline their views.

3. Illitarate member of x religion makes unreadable and expletive filled post.

4. Educated atheists mock illiterate member and take digs at x religion.

5. More illiterate members of x religion continue the pseudo trolling.

6. Less educated/illiterate/troll athiests come and join the side they percieve to be winning with posts such as “lol y du u belive dis so stooopid”

7. Educated Christians come and defend their religion.

8. Educated Atheists get butthurt and leave.

9. At some point, “teh gayz” and “teh Pope” come into play.

10. Thread is inevitably deleted.

Then a couple of months later some noobs start the topic again.

Eloquence aside, I must concur. Number 1 and 8 seem to especially resonate. However, it is only 10:20am meaning that the main moderators of the website will not be online until at least 11:00pm CST. Meaning, this could deviate into something of a cesspool of malcontented foolishness mixed with the stench of denial and incoherent finger pointing very, very quickly. Again, I shall keep you abreast.

The irony here is, thus far it has turned into a : Let’s tell Christians how they are wrong and their beliefs are a lie!

Thank you, you’ve done nothing but reaffirm that what I believe, that is in Jesus Christ in case you missed it before, is the undeniable truth.

John Bunyan to Chrisitan: “You know, in the future they make haunted houses and people go and pay to get scared from things like witches and zombies…and celebrate it nonetheless…and no one give a hoot about Krishnah and they won’t take about Allah, Zeus is studied with mild amusement, but Jesus becomes a curse word…”

Christian: “Because they know it ain’t real, Johnny. It doesn’t move their soul. It’s like a Yeti to a snowstorm, you know their ain’t no Abominable Snowman…but that snow, that snow is real– and it’ll freeze you to the bone; and you never know where that cold came from, but you sure know it’s real.”

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The Fear: Christ in Christianity, God Forbid He Be Real

Again, this post finds it’s origins in the dredges of a Kpop forum. The same one in fact that incited the earlier rantings. But this time it is not a matter of race, ethnicity, culture, etc. Today we speak of religion: specifically Christianity.

Let me make it be known, first and foremost, that I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and is infallible. And I believe that people are scared because they know Jesus is real.

A particular poster decided to begin a topic entitled: Your Thoughts on Christianity.

Fine. That’s all very well.

However, this is how the question was formulated:

A book written thousands of years ago telling us stuff that is ridiculous nonsense, when today those things are already proven wrong. Why should ppl live in fear of a dumbass in the sky that doesn’t exist?

I say live your life the way YOU want to.
and btw Lust isn’t a sin. If I see a hot model across the street with a nice body and cute face, i WILL pop a boner. it’s just human! completely natural.

It’s so easy to prove Christianity wrong. Christians always say can you prove it?
well, can they prove God exists?
christian: No! But I has faithhh!

That is just stupid.

Okay, if we are to go by this posters logic, abeit skwered and irrational, why do you care if a person is a Chrisian or not? Didn’t you just say to live life the way you want to? Well I chose to live my life under the blood of Jesus Christ…yet, that seems to bother you…Why?

Why are you not up in arms about Buddah? What about Muhammad? Even Joseph Smith?

Why does Jesus bother you so? Scared He’s real and that you just might have to give account someday?

And lastly, how was anything proven wrong? Are you referring to science? The same science that gave us “The big bang theory” (you know how something was nothing and there was more nothing then something that came from that nothing exploded and then there was more something…) or the science that bore us the great intellectual fallacy known as Eugenics.

I’m still waiting for your reply, dear poster.

And to you–devoted reader–I shall keep you updated on how this unfolds.

And John Bunyan said to Chrisian: “In a few hundred years, the internet will take shape and provide a whole new outlet for people to expresses themselves.

Christian: Thanks for the head’s up, I’ll be ready in the trenches.

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Let Us Contemplate: Irony Pt.1

Oh, boy here I go about Kpop again. But for the time being it is a topic that is of interest to me. For various reasons from the “Oh, this song it catchy” to the “Right, now let’s look at the sociological and cultural context you’re trying to drive from and call me back when you’re no longer in delusion-ville.”

A question was posed:

Would you give up American Pop for Kpop?

Now, let us ponder this. Would I give up American pop (warts, wrinkles, failings and all…) for Kpop which is regurgitated knock off American pop (random English phrases sold separately–and often.)

Considering that listening to Kpop does nothing but enhance one’s appreciation of Pop music; because then we get to see how far down a dark path it can go. The 80s were a bad time–let it die, let it die.

That’s not to say that all Kpop is a horrendous mashup of Michael Jackon meets the Lolipop Guild. No, far from it. Aside from the hyper upbeat melodies and the sequined, leather pants complete wit h pelvic thrusts and matching eyeshadow: The men do pretty well for themselves. And the girl groups would too, if only they could figure out if they’re 12 or 15..(sometimes it gets confusing after you hit 21…apparently.)

All jokes aside though, really: Why would any one ditch the original for a cheap wanna be copy?

Case closed, dismissed and disregarded.

One more thing though, before I go. I would like to formally announce that all Beyonce impersonaltions should cease and decisit immediately. No, you are not dancing well, no you are not singing the song well, no you are not doing any justice to anything. No amount of captions declaring “sexy!” and “powerful!” will change that. Again, say it with me: “Delusion is bad. Delusion is bad.”

If I were Beyonce I’d sue for Defamation of Character. Honestly. Stop.

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A Hypocrite by Any Other Name is a Fool.

Here we are again. In the little netiverse of Kpop. But alas this time it has nothing to do with the Pop itself. Rather, it is the delightful forums that drag behind any respectable website like a ball and chain—good thing the website in question isn’t respectable.

This time, however, has to do with an issue that took place a few weeks ago. To spare the details (which would inevitably turn this post into a novel..or epic poem (watch out Homer..)) I shall merely include a link to the article for you–ever vigilant reader that you are– can peruse at your leisure. I’ll give you a hint though: It has to do with black-face. Yes, it’s in that territory.

All proverbial hell broke lose when someone posted such delightful news on the forums and had the downright audacity to be offended. What ensued as a barrage of nonsense, rhetoric, fallacy, stupidity, and at times a smidge of clairvoyance. One poster in particular took it upon themselves to vilify anyone who would even be remotely offended that their race was the butt of a distasteful and overtly offensive joke. How dare they! said the poster and went wee wee all the way home…No, they didn’t but they should have.

At any rate, said poster was attempting (thankfully in vain) to dictate to people how they should feel, react, behave, etc all while not realizing that there were three fingers pointing steadily back at them.

Flash forward now–it’s been a few weeks since that issue broke. For the most part, it’s been relatively calm, at least in terms of race relations. Then, low and behold, some bored kid (I am assuming it is a child…for their sake I hope they are a child) decided to make a few threads, such as: Why do black people like fried chicken? and Why do black people like kool-aid?

Of course people began to post, and it was mostly either to show indifference to the poster or to poke fun at them. No one took it to heart or seriously, except for, you guessed it that rabid “This is How You Should Think” poster I mentioned above.

Since I did not mention it before, I shall now: The Angry Poster identified themselves as being black. (Perhaps they thought it gave them some authority to tell other black people how they should take things….this reminds me of someone…rhymes with Fal Farpton…) Now I.B.P. (Irritating Black Poster)  as well shall now refer to this person got all up in arms about this kids thread. To the point where the I.B.P. made their own thread asking why others find black people so fascinating and how they usually over look things like this but two threads in one day where black people are the butt of the joke was over doing it (so, now apparently they are also the resident Thread Topic monitor…)

Hm…so..let me get this straight: The I.B.P. is going to get all hot under the collar over a few threads a kid posted that no one in their right mind would take seriously (the kid in question had also posted a topic entitled: Why do people find rape a turn on? (or something asinine to that effect..) ) but you want to tell people not to be offended when a commercial staring a popular singer is shown nationally– to a people already painted as culturally ignorant– where the principle idea it to show black people as buffoonish thus making them the butt of the joke. A national joke.

No, but you’re too concerned with the 13 year old kid making topics on a Kpop site. Right. And this coming from a person who wishes to tell others that they are being overly sensitive if they so much as hint as having negative feelings towards stereotypical race portrayals in the media (because this I.B.P. is so evolved that they watch The Cleveland Show and laugh–Haa Haa, poster, Haa haa. Hear us laughing with you?)

Hey, maybe that kid was just making a thread from what they saw on The Cleveland Show..I mean, they can laugh too, right? It’s all just fun and games in the world of negative stereotypical race portrayals….right? Right? I’m sorry I can’t hear you over your self righteous hot air balloon deflating..

To the I.B.P. I say: You are an hypocrite. . And should refer to my post regarding the fans of Kpop and do as instructed there–Shut up. I am just glad they were not around during the Civil Rights movement…Get your priorities straight, and pick your battles, but for this war–dearest I.B.P.–you are nothing more than a jester, so please, stay in your place.


A stereotype is only true if you chose to make it such; because at no time does a few dictate the attitudes, ideals, and beliefs of a whole–for people are carbon based beings, not carbon copies.


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A Jaded Little Pill: Why Fans Should Not Speak

I have come across a pecuilre corner of this fair universe. It appears to be locked in a strange time warp some where between the 90s (even 80s) and the present. It is a place where glitter and eyeliner look best on guys, and syncronized legs kicks are the norm. It is a place where fans are rabid fanataics ready to voice their opinion with the fury of 10,000 exclamiation points. Yes, this is the world of Kpop.

Now, I could drone on and on about the indosycries, successes and misgivings of Kpop, but tonight I am going to focus on one particular population that can make or break an Idol groups image faster than you can  say “Elijah beat the bull”.

Fandoms in Kpop are no joke. They are a serious bi-lateral force to be reckoned with. With that begin said, those who make up such fandoms can quickly turn into some of the most wretched, hate-filled, ignorant scum you’d ever want to meet this side of hell. And unfortunately, there is no “Stop stupid” button on the Internet so much to my chagrin their comments get through and thus run the risk of causing the complete demise of Kpop; ironically while they are defending or “stan”ing their beloved “artist”.

A particular post I found to be amusing (or rather this is actually the 3rd or 4th time I’ve come across such notions but I felt I needed to addresses it in some way shape or form that was constructive. Which cannot be done on any Kpop website (I will get to that on a later date.) ) What comment (for there are many)  can I possibly be speaking of–you the dear reader–might ask?:

If a black person joins Kpop it will become ghetto!


I don’t want [insert Korean Idol name] to work with [insert African American music industry heavy weight name] because they will try to turn them black!

Gasp! The horror! The monstrosity! The blatant hypocrisy!

Really? Alright. That’s cool. But I want to lay down some ground rules myself. How about the Black people don’t help the Kpoppers (even though JYP asked nicely) and you [the Kpopped] stop copying “Black” music.

Kay? Deal?

That means no more:

Big Bang.

No more Rain.

Wondergirls are definitely gone (I mean come on, they did say Janet Jackson was one of their influences, but oh Lord she’s black and that simply will not do…)

Beast is out.

Super Junior‘s done.

Boa goes bye bye.

2pm who?

Shinee is splitsville.

After School is expelled.

Soori shouldn’t bother.

Mblaq should stay at home.

Miss A is M.I.A.

Bye, bye Epik High

2ne1 is  no one.

4Minute down to .5 seconds

F(x) gets axed.

F.T. Island has drowned (Now, we all know the origins of rock and roll don’t we? Ah, those black field hands that Elvis stole music and dance moves from…Reminds me of someone…Hm….)

Dang, my list is getting long isn’t it?

I mean, shoot. That’s alot of Black influecne that you guys have just straight up jacked, now isn’t it?

And I don’t recall a recent exodus of “blackness” seeping across the ocean into Kpops porcelain bowl. So that means, the Poppers actually..dare I say..

Purposefully emulated such black people like Usher, Janet, Michael, Rihanna, etc! You copied the stylings of hip hop, R&B and rap deliberately?!

What?! You copied black people and then worried about turning black! No! Just say it ain’t so!

Yep. Pretty much. So, next time you complain about a brother or sister showing up in Kpop for whatever reason, just remember: Either acknowledge that your entire industry is built on what Motown worked their bums off to found and don’t bite the hand that feeds. Or go ahead and bite, and don’t be suprised at the reprucussions.

Rome wasn’t built in a day; but it took a few hours to tear it down. *

*Not really, but it’s a fabulous analogy isn’t it?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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