The Fear: Christ in Christianity, God Forbid He Be Real (continued, pt 2.)

This is what someone posted in realtion to the topic:

In all honesty this is what threads like this do.

1. Disgruntled athiest makes post.

2. People outline their views.

3. Illitarate member of x religion makes unreadable and expletive filled post.

4. Educated atheists mock illiterate member and take digs at x religion.

5. More illiterate members of x religion continue the pseudo trolling.

6. Less educated/illiterate/troll athiests come and join the side they percieve to be winning with posts such as “lol y du u belive dis so stooopid”

7. Educated Christians come and defend their religion.

8. Educated Atheists get butthurt and leave.

9. At some point, “teh gayz” and “teh Pope” come into play.

10. Thread is inevitably deleted.

Then a couple of months later some noobs start the topic again.

Eloquence aside, I must concur. Number 1 and 8 seem to especially resonate. However, it is only 10:20am meaning that the main moderators of the website will not be online until at least 11:00pm CST. Meaning, this could deviate into something of a cesspool of malcontented foolishness mixed with the stench of denial and incoherent finger pointing very, very quickly. Again, I shall keep you abreast.

The irony here is, thus far it has turned into a : Let’s tell Christians how they are wrong and their beliefs are a lie!

Thank you, you’ve done nothing but reaffirm that what I believe, that is in Jesus Christ in case you missed it before, is the undeniable truth.

John Bunyan to Chrisitan: “You know, in the future they make haunted houses and people go and pay to get scared from things like witches and zombies…and celebrate it nonetheless…and no one give a hoot about Krishnah and they won’t take about Allah, Zeus is studied with mild amusement, but Jesus becomes a curse word…”

Christian: “Because they know it ain’t real, Johnny. It doesn’t move their soul. It’s like a Yeti to a snowstorm, you know their ain’t no Abominable Snowman…but that snow, that snow is real– and it’ll freeze you to the bone; and you never know where that cold came from, but you sure know it’s real.”

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Gravity has seen fit to subpoena me into obeying it. Therefore it seems I am stuck on this little hunk of rock entitled: Earth. I really wish they'd let me go back to Saturn. Reverse-illegal immigration is really, very droll.
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