A Hypocrite by Any Other Name is a Fool.

Here we are again. In the little netiverse of Kpop. But alas this time it has nothing to do with the Pop itself. Rather, it is the delightful forums that drag behind any respectable website like a ball and chain—good thing the website in question isn’t respectable.

This time, however, has to do with an issue that took place a few weeks ago. To spare the details (which would inevitably turn this post into a novel..or epic poem (watch out Homer..)) I shall merely include a link to the article for you–ever vigilant reader that you are– can peruse at your leisure. I’ll give you a hint though: It has to do with black-face. Yes, it’s in that territory.

All proverbial hell broke lose when someone posted such delightful news on the forums and had the downright audacity to be offended. What ensued as a barrage of nonsense, rhetoric, fallacy, stupidity, and at times a smidge of clairvoyance. One poster in particular took it upon themselves to vilify anyone who would even be remotely offended that their race was the butt of a distasteful and overtly offensive joke. How dare they! said the poster and went wee wee all the way home…No, they didn’t but they should have.

At any rate, said poster was attempting (thankfully in vain) to dictate to people how they should feel, react, behave, etc all while not realizing that there were three fingers pointing steadily back at them.

Flash forward now–it’s been a few weeks since that issue broke. For the most part, it’s been relatively calm, at least in terms of race relations. Then, low and behold, some bored kid (I am assuming it is a child…for their sake I hope they are a child) decided to make a few threads, such as: Why do black people like fried chicken? and Why do black people like kool-aid?

Of course people began to post, and it was mostly either to show indifference to the poster or to poke fun at them. No one took it to heart or seriously, except for, you guessed it that rabid “This is How You Should Think” poster I mentioned above.

Since I did not mention it before, I shall now: The Angry Poster identified themselves as being black. (Perhaps they thought it gave them some authority to tell other black people how they should take things….this reminds me of someone…rhymes with Fal Farpton…) Now I.B.P. (Irritating Black Poster)  as well shall now refer to this person got all up in arms about this kids thread. To the point where the I.B.P. made their own thread asking why others find black people so fascinating and how they usually over look things like this but two threads in one day where black people are the butt of the joke was over doing it (so, now apparently they are also the resident Thread Topic monitor…)

Hm…so..let me get this straight: The I.B.P. is going to get all hot under the collar over a few threads a kid posted that no one in their right mind would take seriously (the kid in question had also posted a topic entitled: Why do people find rape a turn on? (or something asinine to that effect..) ) but you want to tell people not to be offended when a commercial staring a popular singer is shown nationally– to a people already painted as culturally ignorant– where the principle idea it to show black people as buffoonish thus making them the butt of the joke. A national joke.

No, but you’re too concerned with the 13 year old kid making topics on a Kpop site. Right. And this coming from a person who wishes to tell others that they are being overly sensitive if they so much as hint as having negative feelings towards stereotypical race portrayals in the media (because this I.B.P. is so evolved that they watch The Cleveland Show and laugh–Haa Haa, poster, Haa haa. Hear us laughing with you?)

Hey, maybe that kid was just making a thread from what they saw on The Cleveland Show..I mean, they can laugh too, right? It’s all just fun and games in the world of negative stereotypical race portrayals….right? Right? I’m sorry I can’t hear you over your self righteous hot air balloon deflating..

To the I.B.P. I say: You are an hypocrite. . And should refer to my post regarding the fans of Kpop and do as instructed there–Shut up. I am just glad they were not around during the Civil Rights movement…Get your priorities straight, and pick your battles, but for this war–dearest I.B.P.–you are nothing more than a jester, so please, stay in your place.


A stereotype is only true if you chose to make it such; because at no time does a few dictate the attitudes, ideals, and beliefs of a whole–for people are carbon based beings, not carbon copies.


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Gravity has seen fit to subpoena me into obeying it. Therefore it seems I am stuck on this little hunk of rock entitled: Earth. I really wish they'd let me go back to Saturn. Reverse-illegal immigration is really, very droll.
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