The Battle: The End of the Trenches for Today

Well, Reader, it seems like day 1 has passed in the trenches known as the  forums. And I must say, that it went realitaively well, considering I was anticipating an all out warfare filled with asinine claims, explertives, rantings and the like (of course, some of those did get in, but they were quickly refuted.)

I am therefore happy to report that the discussion, was well, a discssion. Four pages and 89 comments later, and my stomach is not churning in anticipation of the next reply.

There were even some comments that were very insightful and some that got right to the point. For example:

I’m Christian

I love God. And Jesus.

That is all.

Thank You


I love God, because I honestly believe everything I am, my faith, my strength, my knowledge, my experiences were a blessing from him. Guided by him. People who aren’t religious can never understand this, no matter how hard I try to explain it to them. No matter how hard anyone tries to explain it to them

While I can get into the finer points of religion versus relationship with Christ and the Bible as the inspired word of God this is not the time to do so. Instead, it is a time to relish that in whatever capacity Jesus Christ name was spoken (or in this case typed) even if by a few, and that they, we, stood by our convictions with dignity and grace.

And that is a victory in itself.

To the following:








I thank you, and special thanks to Kingdom, who stepped up to bat quite fearlessly.


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Gravity has seen fit to subpoena me into obeying it. Therefore it seems I am stuck on this little hunk of rock entitled: Earth. I really wish they'd let me go back to Saturn. Reverse-illegal immigration is really, very droll.
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