The Fear: Christ in Christianity, God Forbid He Be Real

Again, this post finds it’s origins in the dredges of a Kpop forum. The same one in fact that incited the earlier rantings. But this time it is not a matter of race, ethnicity, culture, etc. Today we speak of religion: specifically Christianity.

Let me make it be known, first and foremost, that I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and is infallible. And I believe that people are scared because they know Jesus is real.

A particular poster decided to begin a topic entitled: Your Thoughts on Christianity.

Fine. That’s all very well.

However, this is how the question was formulated:

A book written thousands of years ago telling us stuff that is ridiculous nonsense, when today those things are already proven wrong. Why should ppl live in fear of a dumbass in the sky that doesn’t exist?

I say live your life the way YOU want to.
and btw Lust isn’t a sin. If I see a hot model across the street with a nice body and cute face, i WILL pop a boner. it’s just human! completely natural.

It’s so easy to prove Christianity wrong. Christians always say can you prove it?
well, can they prove God exists?
christian: No! But I has faithhh!

That is just stupid.

Okay, if we are to go by this posters logic, abeit skwered and irrational, why do you care if a person is a Chrisian or not? Didn’t you just say to live life the way you want to? Well I chose to live my life under the blood of Jesus Christ…yet, that seems to bother you…Why?

Why are you not up in arms about Buddah? What about Muhammad? Even Joseph Smith?

Why does Jesus bother you so? Scared He’s real and that you just might have to give account someday?

And lastly, how was anything proven wrong? Are you referring to science? The same science that gave us “The big bang theory” (you know how something was nothing and there was more nothing then something that came from that nothing exploded and then there was more something…) or the science that bore us the great intellectual fallacy known as Eugenics.

I’m still waiting for your reply, dear poster.

And to you–devoted reader–I shall keep you updated on how this unfolds.

And John Bunyan said to Chrisian: “In a few hundred years, the internet will take shape and provide a whole new outlet for people to expresses themselves.

Christian: Thanks for the head’s up, I’ll be ready in the trenches.

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Gravity has seen fit to subpoena me into obeying it. Therefore it seems I am stuck on this little hunk of rock entitled: Earth. I really wish they'd let me go back to Saturn. Reverse-illegal immigration is really, very droll.
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